• T-shirts

    Because our shirts are personalized, they have a more delicate type of work. That is why in order for them to last a good time, they must follow some criteria in their washing:

    • Wash your tees inside out in cold water.
    • Tumble dry at low heat.
    • Iron inside out.

    • Iron directly on the design.
    • Dry clean.
    • Bleach.

  • Tote bags

    1. Empty bag pocket, then open the zipper and shake the bag well upside down to remove dirt and trash.
    2. Remove any stains before washing the tote bag.
    3. Hand wash cold. Use mild detergent mixed with water.
    4. Gently wring out any excess water. Line dry to make sure it preserves and regains its initial shape.
    5. Warm iron if needed.

    • Bleach.

  • Mugs

    For longest-lasting results please follow this criteria:

    • Wash on the top rack only.
    • Use liquid, power, and "pod" detergents.

    • Use extra cycle options such as heated drying cycles, sanitize, and steam cycles.
    • Use scrubbing pads, heavily dyed detergents, and steel wool as this can damage the outer coating of the mug and the transferred image.